Presentation of CIRT

Cameroon CIRT is the center of alert and response to computer attacks. Fully committed to identifying the threats of the national cyberspace, and partner of several trusted parties around the world, he makes sure to create an increasingly secure national digital space.

The security watch is the ongoing process of ensuring that a system has the latest security patches and monitoring the system to detect attacks and bring a prompt and effective response.

The law N ° 2010/012 of December 21st, 2010, in its article 7, stipulates that the ANTIC must ensure technology watch and issue alerts and recommendations on the security of electronic communications networks and certification..

CIRT's missions are divided into two (02) major groups
  • Preventive
  • Reactive
The missions of National Cameroon CIRT are as follows
  • Real-time monitoring of sensitive infrastructures in Cameroon's cyberspace;
  • Issue of newsletters and security alerts;
  • Awareness and training;
  • Assistance of users and companies in the handling of security incidents;
  • Elaboration of security standards (policies, procedures, architectures);
  • Assistance of the police in the digital investigations;
  • Statistical monitoring and collaboration with other CIRTs and organizations.